Sias Founder speaks at Stanford University event

Wednesday, May 22 - The Founder and Chairman of the Board of Sias, Dr. Shawn Chen, spoke at an event at Stanford University in a web conference. The event titled, ‘Sias University: A Private-Sector, American Startup in China’s Higher Education System’, was part of a series of talks on Entrepreneurship in Asian High-Tech Industries. The Director of Stanford’s U.S. - Asia Technology Management Center, and Adjunct Professor of East Asian Languages and Cultures, Dr. Richard Dasher, was present with Dr. Chen at Sias, and hosted the event. The event was attended by students from Stanford University as well as entrepreneurs from the San Francisco Bay Area.


Dr. Dasher introduced Dr. Chen’s entrepreneurial background to the guests, including the founding of the Sias Group Inc. in 1992, Sias University in 1998, and his continued association with Plug and Play as its representative in China. He spoke highly of Sias’ development and in particular Sias’ campus and the way the campus was lit up at night. He also spoke of Dr. Chen’s dedication to building up entrepreneurship and an international understanding among students in China.


Dr. Chen then spoke about his educational and entrepreneurial background in detail, starting in Chongqing, China, and moving to the United States and expanding his businesses exponentially. He spoke about the style of education in China in the 1990s and his idea of founding a liberal arts university with a unique, holistic educational philosophy that would provide something different to students and the educational system in Henan. He said that he felt that Henan, with its history, culture, and significance, was the perfect place for such a university. He then shed light on the development goals of Sias, as well as the recruitment process set up in cooperation with the Government. Dr. Chen went on to speak about the university partnerships with Sias that had contributed to the growth of the university. He also spoke about the implementation of the residential college system, the necessity of providing facilities for students and faculty, the comprehensive and extracurricular education that Sias gave its students. He concluded by introducing Sias Future Information Technology Institute (FITI) and the new iFLYTEK School of Artificial Intelligence, to those present at the event.


Following his talk, Dr. Chen opened the floor to questions from those attending the event. Questions focused on issues such as breaking into an established education industry, the competition among universities, the competition for government resources, the changes in society in Henan over the past 20 years, succeeding as an American entrepreneur in a highly regulated field in China, Sias University’s admission requirements, an other topics primarily based on Dr. Chen’s continued success as an entrepreneur.


The event will be published online on Stanford University’s website, as well as certain social media platforms in the United States.

Dr. Richard Dasher and Dr. Shawn Chen

Dr. Chen speaking at the event

Dr. Chen speaking at the event

Dr. Chen speaking at the event

Dr. Dasher presented Dr. Chen with a gift on behalf of Stanford University

Dr. Dasher and Dr. Chen received questions from the audience

Dr. Dasher and Dr. Chen

Dr. Dasher and Dr. Chen

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